Hi all,

I am looking for any PD or Master in PE online, please if you have any information, please let me know...

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Hey Gio, I think I replied to this on your other post regarding P.E. P.D.
Gio, I asked a few coaching friends from my home state and got back this-

"DESCRIPTION: The Coaching Education emphasis is an online program designed for experienced coaches seeking to improve their knowledge and skill base as well as for individuals preparing to enter the coaching field.

The program is designed to be completed in four semesters. The program offers totally online courses in performance enhancement, coaching administration, athletic training, and coaching effectiveness. The curriculum follows National Coaching Standards for Level 5 Coaching Status."

Only this might be an issue. If you weren't concerned about the State of Georgia certification, then I don't see any issue.
"Students must have possession of or be eligible for a Georgia Level Four Teaching Certificate or equivalent in Health and Physical Education and provide scores on the GRE."
Well, i am a PE teacher, my Diploma is from Venezuela, i am Venezuelan, so probably will be an issue, but i will take a look at this link, also i teach an International school, so let see.

Thanks one more time,
Your Ba from Ven. won't be an issue at all. The most they'll require is a toefl exam. At the bottom of the page are the email addresses of the two professors in charge of the program. Email them, explain your situation and see what they say. If you are not looking for certification, then you'd be degree-based and this would probably be O.K. Not to mention they love when they can get someone from abroad in one of their programs.
Good luck!

y eres pana de Daniel... verdad?

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