Looking for any PD online, please let me know if you know about it..

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Hola Gio!

Yes, I found this one a few year's ago...I still have aspirations of being a physical education teacher.
University of Texas System Institutions
Master's Degree in Kinesiology
"The combined resources of six University of Texas System universities allow you access to online graduate courses designed to meet your academic, professional and lifestyle needs as a physical educator, a coach, or other professional interested in the science of people in motion."
"All courses can be completed online. Each participating university will accept courses from the other institutions to satisfy the degree requirements."

Hope this helps...
Ok, thanks a lot, i will check it out.

Hey Gio,

Theres also an online course from Ohio University(Athletic Administration), its more of an AD type package, but has some good information online.

Hope all is well in Shangers....

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the lead- Here's the link to the program.
Online Master’s in Athletic Administration
"Ohio University’s online Master’s in Athletic Administration program will help prepare you to become an athletic director, and advance your career. In partnership with the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA), Ohio University designed this program for high-potential professionals who aspire to leadership positions in interscholastic sports. Through courses covering topics such as administration of interscholastic athletic programs, risk management, sports marketing, and sports finance, the program’s accomplished faculty will equip you to lead a highly effective athletics department."
Thanks Dave, how are you man, how is Guatemala??
Hey Man,

Life is great here, hope all is well in Shanghai. My Spanish is coming along, but still not great!

You may also want to check out and register at: http://www.i3ac.com/

The AD of ICS Addis Ababa (Kirby Boychuk) has set up this website for coaches, PE teachers and AD's.

He is currently organizing a PD for sports, taking place in October, in Ethiopia.

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