Economist article on the growth of International Schools worldwide

There is a fascinating article in the Christmas edition of The Economist about the growth of International Schools worldwide. There are a few fascinating points in the article:

  • The number of International schools is expected to grow from 7000 currently to over 14,000 in the next 10 years (It's a great time to be getting into International School teaching!)
  • The growth countries for new International schools are Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Qatar
  • Two thirds of International Schools are now 'for profit'
  • UAE and China have over 400 International Schools each and 22 countries have more than 100 International Schools
  • Four fifths of students in International Schools are now local
Some following of links shows this really interesting article from March which I'd recommend to check out too.

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Here the original link to the Economist site:

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