We are doing our Five Year Review for the IB right now and I was wondering if anyone has ever done one before.  It is incredibly time consuming and any advice would be most appreciated!

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Hey Diane, I have dealt wıth it before from a teacher perspective. Our school dıvıded up ınto sub commıttees to deal with various aspects. İ was in the TOK group. Basically, we shared ideas as we went through each area of the survey, made some notes (good and bad) and then reported it all back to the Coordinator and other İB teachers. Thts really all i have though, İ hope it helps a little.
Hi Chad, thanks for replying. I have done pretty much what you have said so it feels good to know I am on the right track. The teachers have come up with some good ideas and criticisms worth noting and I guess that is what the IB wants. Thanks again.
Hi Diane,

What about evidence? How many documents do you attach per question? It is actually a time consuming job but very interesting...

Hi Vaidehi

We will not be able to provide evidence for all however, it's just what we do in our classes on a day today basis.
All you need to do is may be scan the assignments, take pictures of the dispalys or copy of the students presentations. All this serves as evidence.
Im doing this for the second time may be we can share more.

Hi Diane, In our School CVSL, Lonavala, INDIA we are preparing the documentation for 5 year review, if any specific clarification is required feel free to contact +91 8806259693/ balaji@cathedral-lonavala.org

Balaji Thoppay


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