After many years living and working in China, I would like to share some of my experiences, in particular our children’s education. If you’re moving to China or considering an international school in China then hopefully my insights can offer some benefit.

We lived downtown in Beijing, close to the central CBD. The choices for quality schools in this area are limited, however the choices that are available are of a high standard.

The two schools we considered when our Children, were YCIS (Yew Chung International School) and BCIS (Beijing City International School).

We looked closely at both schools and it was initially a tough decision to select between the two, both offer a great environment for the kids and high standard of teaching. We eventually selected YCIS, for a number of reasons, mainly because of their co-teaching approach for young Children, where there is always an English and Chinese speaking teacher in the room. This is great for your children’s language ability. Secondly they focus on embedding positive moral values through their teaching method and offer a program called the “Character Program” where kids do extra curricular activities to help guide them in the right direction as they grow and learn. The experience at YCIS Beijing was one we certainly did not regret, the family environment really made us and our children feel welcomed and loved. The teachers are great and our kids are now fluent Chinese speakers!

So a bit about the school… mainly taken from their materials;

YCIS Beijing was opened in 1995 with the aim of bringing the educational philosophy, objectives and pedagogy of Yew Chung to Beijing's expatriate families. Over the past 15 years, YCIS Beijing has grown rapidly and now has a student body of over 750 who come from over 40 nationalities and are educated by teachers from 14 countries under an international curriculum that creates truly global-minded graduates.

They offer classes starting from Kindergarten up until senior year. They focus on a balanced learning environment, including outstanding grades with exceptional university acceptance rates, sports, arts, character building and of course language ability. They recently won the Cambridge award for educational excellence, the only International School in China to be awarded with this.

If your considering an international school in Beijing, I would highly recommend that YCIS be on your list of Schools to look into. Most of all I know how difficult making the decision on your Children’s education can be and I really hope what I have written makes the decision easier! Good Luck!

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