The Google Education certification page has been updated today. So far it seems there are a few small changes:

The initial qualification for passing the exams has been renamed from 'Google Apps Qualified Individual' to 'Google Educator' ....sounds much better I think.

The exams have changed slightly. Instead of the 5 original exams (Mail, Drive, Calendar, Sites, Admin) It's required to pass 4 compulsory exams (Mail, Drive, Calendar, Sites) then choose just ONE elective exam from the list (Chrome, Chromebooks, tablets, Implementing Google Apps). I think this change is a great idea as many teachers never work in Google Apps Administration so now they do not necessarily need to take this exam. Please note that the exams have not been changed yet so its still possible to register and purchase the old exams but I am sure this will be updated soon.

We are still waiting for clarification regarding people who have started taking the tests, but if you have not done so yet I would hold off for a few days until the new exams are online.

Otherwise its still the same; you take the exams then if you want to go on to the trainer qualification you fulfil the additional requirements such as case study and recording videos.
Link here for updates

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I have expanded the post above on this doc. Hopefully this provides some more information:

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