I've been getting increasingly interested inMinecraft and it's applications in Education recently. For those who don't know Minecraft is a 'first person virtual world' game developed by a small team in Sweden with blocky 8-bit graphics, and is strangely addictive.

I have seen Minecraft used for history teaching (many historical sites have been created in Minecraft), Maths and IT of course (One student has made a working scientific calculator in Minecraft). One of the great advantages I see to using Monecraft in the classroom is that it's a game that students are already using and enjoy, so there is usually little resistance to getting them involved in Minecraft projects

Tim Wicks in Australia has been doing some great work and running seminars with both teachers and students. Also Aaron Tyo-Dickerson at the American School of the Hague has been active in Minecraft in Education. There is a dedicated Minecraft in Education site with special licenses for schools.

I'm interested to hear if any members here have any stories about using Minecraft in the classroom or links to additional resources. 

Interesting post here by Nick Bilton, can Minecraft be Educational? and here

Some more resources and examples of use here

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Here are the MInecraft camps Tim Wicks is running in Australia: http://minecraftcamps.net/events/

Google group on Minecraft in Education: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/minecraft-teachers

Sharing with you an event http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNLzPxE1xkY and adventure at our School when we had a pastoral activity via an inter-House (four teams of four) Minecraft competition using the 4 walls map. With many boys from across the [1000 boys'] school choosing to watch during their lunch-hour, some students ran a commentary.  The whole event was organised and run by Student ICT group including server admin with vision broadcast to the large screen in the School's auditorium.  A resounding success, we feel Minecraft is here to stay and already successfully used in the Technology classroom via the School's Fronter virtual learning environment.

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