My child has studied at YCIS Shanghai for a while, and it is the time for her to graduate and embrace another phase of her life.

On one hand, she is so happy to finally be finished with the IB program (what she was studying), her exam results turned out to be much better than we expected, and she was admitted to 3 top-tier universities. On the other hand, I can tell she is a bit sad about leaving YCIS, a place where she has made so many friends and learned so many things.

Her high school life at YCIS was definitely memorable. She always says she is not a math person, and she often struggled to understand different concepts. But she mentioned so many times how grateful she was for her math teacher, who always took the time to patiently answer her questions, and motivated her to do well in the final exam.

She also took a lot of elective courses at YCIS, in addition to her usual core classes. These were often related to her personal interests, like playing basketball and studying the history of various Asian countries. The electives at YCIS helped reduce the stress of the IB program, and made the overall experience much more enjoyable for her.

Studying at YCIS has contributed greatly to her interest in math and history, and it has provided her with a solid foundation to continue her studies in the future. We are really happy that we made the choice to send her to YCIS several years ago.

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