The International School Teacher Group lives again :)

Hi all my name is Dan Taylor and I have recently taken on the project from Troy and reactivated the Ning Group. 

I'm looking forward to growing the community to be a great resource for discussions between International school teachers, and expanding it with a new site design to have:
  1. Non-public message boards for more private discusisons
  2. New boards wth guides for helping teachers moving to new cities
  3. Information about all PD opportunities and conferences that are interesting for International School teachers
  4. A directory of all International Schools
  5. An International School jobs board
  6. Expanded International School Ed Tech discussion boards :)
All the best and please connect with me on the group. In particular while we are in the updating process please let me know of any specific areas you would like to see on the site and we will add them. Finally if anyone is interested to get more involved in the group and become a moderator please email me.

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Hi Dan,

 I am pumped that this group is getting resurrected!  I am an international teacher in Brazil. Let me know if you want to get together and chat. I will do my best to repost stuff on my site and twitterfeed.


Cheers Ryan look forward to talking more.

good luck dan, hope that the group successfully resurrects!

Thanks @Myles doing some work this weekend are you interested to be a moderator?

Just checked out great site.

Just a quick announcement re: the blog section of the site. I've taken this down in order to simplify the site and move posts to the forums. In reality most of the posts on the blog were more suited to the forum, things like job posts and introductions which all have their own sections of the forum and thats a better place for people to post responses.



ryan...kudos to you and your website...good luck with your efforts to make this world a better place!

Meant to say - well done etc - will try and be a bit more active

Cheers David look forward to speaking with you

David Brian Orchard said:

Meant to say - well done etc - will try and be a bit more active

What do you all think of the new group logo?

Good luck Xin. We will be adding job openings to the site soon,

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