3D Printed Parabola Sculptures by Ad. 3D Art Students

3D Printed Parabola Sculptures by Ad. 3D Art Students

These first three are from the Ad. 3D Art who made inquiries into the concept of Revolution: How Can Artistic Process Lead to Unforeseen Outcomes?

Students were asked to explore the connection between Algebra (Also Pre-Cal) & Art not knowing at first how they might be connected.

This led to students taking parabola equations (multiple ones), some used hyperbola parabola equations along with parabolas, to see what sort of interesting sculpture they could create.

This led to taking measurements from Grapher that were then inputted into a CAD program and voila, 3D printed parabola sculptures.

All said, students were amazed to see how math really is connected to the art process.

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Comment by Dan Taylor on June 2, 2014 at 5:06am
Some really great work!


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