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Here is How International Schools Can Help in Your Children’s Future Growth

As a parent, we tend to think a lot about our child’s future and want to make them capable enough to survive the competitive world. All of us want to impart them with the best education and send them to the top schools where they are exposed to the world-class facilities and exposure to a whole new world.

Because a school is the first foundation of knowledge that a kid gets, it should be the ideal one. It is a widely accepted fact that the process of learning is…


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Looking for basic Google Apps admin course? Here's your option.

The ‘AppsEvents Certified Admin’ (ACA) is an entry level certification and focused on getting educators with basic or no admin experience to…


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The Australian Global School

The Australian Global School is a world travelling school based in Canberra, Australia. Enrolments and EOI from Australian accredited teachers interested in a term abroad are now open. Check out the website 

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Songdo Mural Project, South Korea, April 2013

To commemorate the city of Songdo earning the position to have the UN's new office for the Green Climate Fund based out of the Upper School art students will be working with a well-known mural artist from the United States to create a mural for the city of Songdo (Incheon). Dave Loewenstein, along with his assistant, will be coming to Korea April 21-30th to…


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IT Teacher Needed in Mexico City!

Peterson Schools ( is seeking a MYP/DP IT Teacher to start in January. IB experience preferred. 3D interest required! If interested, e-mail

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Work in Mexico City!

Peterson Schools ( are seeking a high school IT teacher to start in January. IB experience preferred. If interested, contact me:

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More from the UN & My Student's Human Rights Issue Posters...

I was notified a couple of days ago that one of my student's posters from the graphic design unit that focused upon the MYP unit of inquiry about global issues, more specifically human rights issues, has been posted on the United Nations main page found in resources under the Office for Sustainable Development.

My student and I were truly honored to get this…


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3 Artworks by My 8th Grade Students & The United Nations.

I shared my 8th graders Human Rights Issue posters with the Senior Sustainability Expert at the UN. He so impressed by their artworks he going to be visiting with our students on June 14th to view the exhibition of posters and speak to the 8th graders on sustainable living.…


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Teaching jobs abroad is a great site or finding jobs posted byschools direct. apply direct.

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IT Teacher Needed

Changchun American International School ( is looking for an IT Teacher as of August 2012.

IT teaching experience required, IB experience preferred. 

Great opportunity to work with 3D virtual worlds! Contact Darrie Dai ( if you're interested.

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Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) Conference

The Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference runs March 15-17 in Second Life. Here's the master schedule:

My presentation, "Best Practices Showcase: 3D Virtual Worlds in (K-12/International) Schools," will take place in the Main Auditorium March 15 at 8 PM Second Life/Pacific Standard Time. Folks outside the USA should note that Daylight Savings Time took effect last weekend, so check…


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Part of ASB (American School of Bombay) Unplugged! Feb. 23-25.

There's still time -- but not much -- to sign up as a virtual participant!

I'll be talking about 3D virtual worlds: Second Life, OpenSimulator, Quest Atlantis and Minecraft, with previews of Alice and Jibe/Unity!

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Unity is a revolutionary FREE games/app development tool. Jibe is an affordable multiplayer project kit from ReactionGrid.

Now your students can create their own single/multiplayer 3D games/apps, including Android and Apple with the appropriate license(s)! The e-book is FREE:

If you live in China, Scribd is blocked by…


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Announcing the Eracism Project 2012, a global student debate that joins diverse cultures and includes authentic debate for global competence and international mindedness.

Schools selected for the Eracism Project 2012 will be asked to enter a four-person debate team, with the remaining students in the class being researchers around the topic: "Government regulation requiring immigrants to adopt the beliefs, habits, and language of the dominant culture does more harm than…


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I'll be presenting November 19th! "Using 3D Virtual Worlds in International Schools." OpenSimulator, Second Life, Quest Atlantis, Unity/Jibe.

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 It's online! I'll be presenting November 15th, 0900 UTC +8 Beijing Time. "Global 3D Virtual Student/Teacher Community."

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Flat Classroom Certified Teacher Program Post

Ni hao again from Changchun, China! The City Where Internet Access Isn't Taken Seriously. ;)

This blog post is actually an assignment for my Flat Classroom Certified Teacher Program, specifically for Module #2, "Connect and Reflect."

To quote from the above website:

"The Flat Classroom®…


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Two Presentations at TechEx 2011!

Ni hao from China! I'll be giving not one but TWO presentations at the upcoming TechEx 2011 Conference in Bangkok:


(1) Using 3D Virtual Worlds in International Schools

(2) Using 3D Virtual Worlds HANDS-ON, featuring OpenSimulator plus ideally Second Life and maybe Quest Atlantis too!

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More Engaging Books for Boys!

Hi everyone. I am running an afterschool program to support boy's reading. Troy's post with football/soccer themed novels is amazing! Many of my boys enjoy reading Eric Walters novels.


He is Canadian and sets many of his novels in Canada. They fit well into Ontario curriculum topics and are well…


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