IB PYP Art, Grade 5.

The 5th Grade Students had the chance to learn about Landscape Art that relates to their study they did on “Location, Location, Location.” They did line drawings of landscape images learning about horizon line as well as what foreground, middleground and background means when talking about landscape art.

They then learned how to make a realistic drawing like a landscape work of art abstract. This means to make it simple by looking for geometric shapes. Gino Severini was an artist from the 1910s-1930s who was a Cubist and Futurist artist who created abstract landscapes. His landscapes had lots of geometric shapes that also showed how humans are impacting that landscape.

Graphic Design or Graphic Arts also influenced Severini in his use of color choices and his simple shapes. At that time Graphic Artists were creating posters, media arts, which communicated things that were happening in the world. They used colors and the geometric Cubist style to communicate their ideas. Thus 5th Grade Student’s learned how Cubist and Futurist artist’s like Severini where influenced by Media Arts.

The 5th grade students as well got to learn to how color can communicate feelings and ideas. Students had the opportunity to choose from the following color schemes:

Complementary Colors, Double-Split Compliment Colors, Warm Colors, Cool Colors, or Analogous Colors

They followed up the end of their lesson by looking at illustrations of landscapes used in Dr. Seuss books. Through this students created one of a kind abstract landscapes in tempera paint.

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